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Business Reception Signage

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A reception area is usually the first room in which your customer or client will enter. This is why it is of such great importance for your reception area to have a professional appearance, and what better way to make a professional appearance and first impression than by investing in brand new reception signage. I offer a vast range of choices when it comes to business reception signage, these reception signage services range from two-dimensional, three dimensional and even multi-dimensional signage options. With the use of different coloured acrylics, CNC router or laser cut lettering, wall mounted signage on stand-offs, frosted acrylic panels, reverse backed clear acrylics with digitally printed graphics, alucobond panels with three-dimensional laser cut and router cut lettering mounted to the face and for more cost-effective options I can apply multi-coloured vinyl cut lettering directly to flat wall surfaces, such as plaster board and alucobond cladded panels. In most instances, your company logo can be CNC router or laser cut. In some instances the logo vector file may need to be manipulated slightly to gain added thickness.

For precision and accuracy, I use computer cut templates with extremely low adhesive tack, which I apply directly to flat surfaces. I correctly measure the wall to ensure correct and evenly distributed spacing between the template and the side walls, once the perfect position has been found, I then apply my computer cut template to the wall. Once the template has been applied, I then install your brand new business reception signage to the wall using different adhesives, screws, tapes and other various materials to ensure a clean, strong bond to the wall surface. The curing time for most adhesives is a few days, during this time I will advise you to be careful around the area of your new reception signage, allowing the adhesives to properly harden and bond to the wall surface.

3D Signage / Lettering

With the use of multiple pieces of acrylic, alucobond, printed graphics, vinyl and even timbers, I can create three-dimensional / multi-dimensional reception signage for a great first impression.

Acrylic Lettering

Router-cut acrylic letters are installed directly onto your wall, creating a more high-end finish to your signage over traditional flat vinyl cut lettering. These letters also create a three-dimensional look for a more cost-effective price than typical 3D signage/lettering.
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Standoff Signage

Your company logo is applied onto a piece of clear acrylic, backed with coloured vinyl of your choosing, and then installed onto your wall using 4 - 6 polished standoffs, creating a hover effect. Standoffs can be easily removed if you wish to take your reception sign to another location, and create minimal damage when removed.
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