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Window Signage

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Window signage is installed directly to your windows, this signage can be applied on the inside of your windows or on the outside. For permanent signage, I usually advise the signage be installed onto the inside of your windows, this helps improve longevity due to less impact from the sun and also protects your signage from vandalism and general wear and tear. Window signage can range from large format prints, one-way vision prints, window frosting and vinyl cut lettering.

Window Prints / Graphics

Large-format prints are installed directly to your window, perfect for branding and advertising. For exterior window prints, It is highly recommended that a laminate is applied for increased longevity and protection from the elements etc. Window prints can also be applied to the inside of the glass, these prints are backed in white vinyl for maximum colour enhancement.
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Window Frosting

A great alternative to blinds, window frosting provides a clean finish with privacy, and will dim the harshness of the sun, without removing too much light. Window frosting comes in multiple tints and glass effects, from an etched look to a slightly sparked effect, window frosting is a very stylish way to add privacy to your windows. Window frosting is also printable and machine-cutable, allowing you to use your window space for advertising your business.
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One-Way Vision Signage

A print covers your window, allowing people to see out from the window while making it difficult to see inside. This specialised material has tiny perforated holes which draws the focus of your eye to the printed area of the media. One-way vision signage is an excellent option if you are looking to advertise on your window space, whilst also requiring privacy by making it difficult for onlookers to see inside.
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Trading Hours

Let your customers know your business trading hours with vinyl cut lettering or a print installed to your window or glass door. Trading hours signage can also be applied to the inside of the glass for increased longevity and protection from the elements etc.
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Vinyl Cut Lettering

Large to small vinyl cut lettering and shape styles installed onto your window, easy to remove if and when you should desire. Vinyl cut lettering signage can also be applied to the inside of the glass for increased longevity and protection from the elements etc.
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Retail Signage

Great for advertising a sale or drawing potential customers into your store. Retail signage can be printed in cost-effective, short-term vinyl for a temporary sale or long-term premium vinyl for longer campaigns.
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Signage Removal

I have many tricks to remove window graphics, vinyl lettering and prints on glass, in a fast and effective way without damaging or scratching the window surface. In most cases, the use of chemicals such as isopropyl, and methylated spirits are NOT required, this means very low odour and a safer working environment.


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